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The new album ‘Movement’ will be released on cassette and digital on Polar Seas Recordings May 22, 2020. Pre-order:

Release May 22, 2020
Polar Seas Recordings

1. Chosen
2. Deviation
3. Ponder
4. Endless
5. Blocker
6. Movement
7. Mod
8. Once

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Release November 30, 2017
Glacial Movements

Inspired by old photos taken 1910 by Fredrik Enquist (1885-1963), a Swedish geographer, the theme of the new Havenaire album Rabot for the Italian label Glacial Movements came to form. Layer upon layer building up walls of sound pushing its way slowly through out the albums six songs. Ambience treated with a pop sensibility, massive sound that sometimes climaxes in chorus-like parts, with distant piano notes echoing in the background. While other times the music falls apart and only leaves traces of its previous monumental washing sounds.

Pictured on the album cover is the majestic Rabots Glaciär, a gently sloping glacier mirroring the smooth subglacial valley floor. It’s situated on the western side of the Kebnekaise massif far up north in Sweden.

1. Rabot
2. Enquist Photo 1910
3. Sylarna
4. Calving
5. Tarfala Valley
6. Sarek (Part 1-2)

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Monsters video

Monsters. First in a series of videos from the album Tremolo (Constellation Tatsu, 2016), made by Magnus Dahlbäck

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Holy Hell

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