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‘Transition’ will release on November 25, 2022 on Past Inside the Present. Pre-order LP now:

Release Nov 25, 2022
Past Inside the Present

“Stockholm’s Havenaire follows up a series of head-turning ambient releases on the likes of Shimmering Moods, Polar Seas and Glacial Movements with a limited new long player on Past Inside The Present. Across six slowly shifting soundscapes he layers up his misty-eyed chords into music that is designed to empty your mind but that also gently sweeps you heart. There is subtle hope and optimism amongst the ambient fog here that leaves you feeling cleansed and soothed. All six pieces have their own character but are very much united by a sense of calm and serenity that is utterly captivating.”
-Juno Records

01. Wanderer
02. A Temporary Relief
03. Transition
04. First Snow
05. Stargazing
06. At Night

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